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Several years ago, I had this crazy idea because everyone seemed to be collecting the United States State Quarters, I would put together a Web site to allow people to trade the quaters via online. The idea came from the fact that my dad is collecting these quarters for his four grandchildren and kept asking if we have this state or that state. I thought I would make it easy for him and see if others are looking for the same thing.

Ironically enough, he had forgotten I had created this site and at a family gathering he was telling me about this cool site he had found to trade quaters. Low and behold, it was this site!

Anyway, that's how this site got started.

In June 2009, at the request of one of the users of the site, I added the US Territory Quarters. In 2010, I added the America's Beautiful National Parks quarter collection and in 2022, I added the American Women Quarters, which have now been updated to include all of the quaters through 2024 quarters.

As of right now, there are 14,988 quarters available for trade and 8,926 quarters needed, for a total of 23,914 listed on the site!

Because of a demand for a similar site for Presidential Dollars, in 2019 I created PresidentialDollarTrader.com to help connect people who have these dollars to trade. The site lists all of the Presidential and the Spouse dollars!

The site is free to use. If you would like to use it, all you have to do is create an account. Make sure you whitelist the domain STATEQUARTERTRADER.COM in your spam filter, just in case. You have my word that you will not receive SPAM from me!

This site does not use pop-ups either. The only advertising that is currently on the site (and the only way I'll make money on it unless someone wants to send me a donation, see below) is via the two ad slots. If you are interested in purchasing an ad on the site, contact me [fabravo (at) statequartertrader (dot) com] and we can work something out.

If you like the site and find it useful, please consider sending me a donation using the PayPal link below.

Thanks for trying out the site!

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